Furniture and lighting for contract interiors. Made in the Netherlands, enjoyed worldwide.


Bogaerts Label designs and produces furniture and lighting for professional interiors. With customised options we are able to create the right look and feel for any space, whether it's a home, store or office. With our designs we strive for a balance between elegance and functionality. Quality and sustainability are of paramount importance: our products must last a lifetime.

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New Blossom collection

Our Blossom collection, designed by Mario Alessiani, was photographed and filmed in January 2020.

Movie and photo credits:

  • Art direction: Marthe Biezen
  • Film & editor: Studio Selvedge
  • Photography: Nick Bookelaar
  • Soundtrack: Dennis Westerhout
  • Models: Walter van Ommeren, Anne Simkens, Lex Hildenbrant.
  • Production: Theo Brandwijk, René Vullings, Philip Bogaerts, Ralf Frickel

Blossom white board in 5 sizes

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New Siren bar stools

The new Siren bar stools are available in seat height 60cm and 75cm, stackable and available in any colour you wish. Visit the page for more information.